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“The Strength of the Professional woman bears nobility, perseverance, tenacity, and dignity”


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Martina Maria Samuels founder and CEO of 2BelieveNMe, is a force to be reckoned with. She started tapping into her force when she graduated high school at the age of 16. She was determined to be the best and never settled for less. Martina has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and an MBA with a concentration in Leadership from the University of Phoenix. A true servant at heart she is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. a public service organization.

Martina has been successful and has set a consistent record of accomplishments at times and places when it was not so popular for a woman, especially an African American Woman from the “buttermilk bottom” in the south.


In the early 1980’s, she established herself as an industry expert with a major fashion retailer. During this era in her career, the strength of her focus became leadership, training and development of others. She was awarded for her stellar work ethic and performance by becoming the first African American female Store Manager for a major U.S. retail company. Subsequent to this, for 15 years she thrived in a male-dominated insurance industry where she was one of a few African Americans in a top management position. Recently, she worked for one of the largest multinational professional services network company as a Business Lead consultant traveling across the US and Canada. Her passion, tenacity and leadership skills allowed her to thrive and succeed not only in the business world but in her personal life as well.


Martina was breaking through ceilings and pushing past boundaries in her career while being the ROCK for her family.  Just like most women, Martina has had to wear many hats throughout her life--wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc.…. and of course, the ultimate caregiver.  She has had to put her needs on hold, delay her dreams and postpone her desire for self-fulfillment.  After 38 years of marriage and trying to balance the needs of her gravely ill husband, her children, and others she cared about, she had a new hat to wear… Widower. In the midst of grieving and trying to balance life and work, she was met with a  new and difficult challenge. Martina was diagnosed with lung cancer. Another hat to wear, CANCER SURVIVOR.           


Martina did not allow obstacles or unforeseen circumstances to keep her from Believing in herself. Nor did it prevent her from fueling her fire to reach out to others who may be having a little trouble believing in themselves. This became the catalyst to start this new chapter in her career and life. 2BelieveNMe Coaching, mentoring, and consulting is a way that Martina is able to empower others to Believe in themselves, know and value their self-worth despite their circumstances and to believe without guilt, shame, or apologies. Her passion is to give others the tools to live their lives with FIRE--Fidelity, Integrity, Respect and Empowerment. She says “All you have to do is Believe…. Believe that you can and you are halfway there!!!” If seeing is Believing, then look at me if that doesn’t work than into your mirror.     



“It’s because of you that I know that helping others is also helping myself and putting a feather in my cap..."


-Andrea M.

“I have known Martina Samuels for over a decade and in that time she has been my manager, friend and confidant.  I learned so much from her guidance and leadership and cherish the friendship, knowledge and expertise we have shared over the years.  She is gifted in human relations and compassionate about what she puts her mind to.”


-Stacey H.

"I admire how Martina leads by example. Although we started out as colleagues, I have gained a lifelong friend and mentor. As a professional, leader and mentor Martina is an example of how you can truly still live and lead in this world without being of the world. Martina is a refreshing spirit that has proven you can simultaneously lead and maintain a strong sense of morals, compassion, integrity, and dignity. With Martina's heart and drive, 2 Believe In Me Presentations can make a profound, positive impact on not just young men and women but can also impact a broad range of generations. "


-Sheena F


“Martina Samuels is a visionary.  She is intelligent, fair and committed to excellence...”


-Willie M.



“Martina is a great mentor and motivator.  Martina was my supervisor and I remember her telling everyone we had to have a sense of urgency.  Now that I am a testing coordinator on my campus and there has been many times my Principal says she likes how I get right on to things and that I have the sense of urgency.  I learned this great quality from being under the supervision of Martina.  She became more than just a manager she become a mentor and great motivator...”


-Tiffany J.

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